Empowering the Empath

Dear Empath,

I wish to tell you a story about growing up as an Earthling in the 1980s. I’m sharing this with you because I think perhaps you can relate ;).

When I was studying at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, we had a catch-phrase: OCH, which stood for out-of-control healer. Pretty much everyone there was a recovering OCH! What I mean by that is we could see, feel, hear and sense the heavy energies that were interfering with people’s health and happiness, on a personal and societal level and we wanted to heal them with our energy whether they wanted it or not!! As a young person, I could feel other people’s energy so strongly that if someone walked by across the street and was nervous, my own stomach would flip.

Can you imagine walking around and feeling everything others are feeling as a child? Maybe you know exactly what this feels like. I didn’t understand why adults always felt one way and acted another or hid their pain. We’d watch the news and I didn’t understand why the news anchor was lying!

I don’t know when I started feeling responsible for other people’s pain. Maybe I came in that way or maybe I just thought that if people were holding their pain inside, I could carry some of it for them so it wouldn’t hurt them so bad!

By young adulthood my body wasn’t really a fun place to be with everyone’s ish stuffed in there so I used drugs to get me out of my body. Problem was when I was out of my body even more especially unsavory stuff came in… oops!

Berkeley Psychic Institute was a lifesaver for me in my young 20s, as was the beginning of my love affair with herbs. BPI helped me to be aware of where my focus was and that I could close my second chakra some so I didn’t “empath so hard,” and open higher chakras so I could focus more on seeing, hearing and knowing subtle energies. Meditating for so many hours each week, doing active visualizations and just sitting with the plants in nature helped me learn how to ground and begin releasing all that nonsense!!

I’m still an empath but now I mostly identify it as a strength, and I’m still, in my young 30s, unwinding deep stored pain and tension in my body, still learning not to leak my healing energy to others unconsciously.

This planet is a strange place. I know now that I did come here in a sense to absorb other people’s energies. Many, many, many of us came here to absorb and transmute. We came to assist in a massive quantum leap that effects the whole galaxy, the whole universe.

What I missed as a child growing up was my support system. Now I know how to call on the spirits to help me. I call upon plant and animal spirits, elementals, Gods and goddesses, ETs, ancestors and celestial bodies… those on the other side of the veil, to help me use this human body as a bridge between dimensions. To transmute human pain into remembrance of our innate divinity! I didn’t know how to do any of this stuff growing up but my spirit ached for it.

There are those who choose to walk on this human path as if blind, as if believing 3D reality is all there is. Some awaken gradually, some fast and hard. Nobody is in the wrong place, it’s not even possible. All paths lead to the same place: love.

But know this. If you choose to awaken, you are not alone! This path may feel lonely at times, desolate and cold, but even that illusion is falling away. For what we really awaken to is the only truth, the truth of love. As we awaken we find more and more and more allies and we begin to merge into the ecstasy of communion! This is our birthright! We remember the heavenly realms are real and this realm is the dream. We get to wake others just by being ourselves. We get to exist in “the between,” the ethers, the liminal space. How special is that?

Do you want to know how to do the rituals that create the real changes? It’s easy to do – we can all do it, but there are protocols to follow. We humans used to know how to do this, we just need some guidance and support to remember! I’m considering teaching an online six week series on creating powerful and effective rituals. Does this interest you? Tell me in the comments!

The tower is falling. The matrix is cracking. What are you experiencing right now? Where do you wish to position yourself? You are not alone! I stand with you, fellow empath, fellow healer, fellow alien. Our time is now!

In love and solidarity,


About bsteinmann

creator of the Earth Advocate Apprenticeship and creator and Editor in Chief of Satya Collective. Her Wise Women mentors include Pam Montgomery, Carolle Guyette, Rosemary Gladstar, Susan Hull Bostwick and Kami McBride. Before becoming a mama, Beth had a private practice as a healer and holistic health practitioner, and she has been leading workshops and facilitating healing for ten years. Her work is to build bridges across human communities, between humans and other life forms, and the seen and unseen. She can be found tromping through the woods with her twin boys, stepdaughter and husband in the wilds of Sonoma County, California.
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