Center for Sacred Studies

The Center for Sacred Studies is dedicated to sustaining ways of life based on collaboration and reciprocity with the Earth and all Her beings. The seeds of the Center for Sacred Studies were first planted in 1995 in our intentional community, Kayumari. We joined together at that time to live together, to raise our children, to create a safe place for prayer while nurturing our relation to the Divine and to this wondrous creation. Our non-profit root, the Center for Sacred Studies, took hold in 2001 to protect our ways of prayer. This created a collaboration with the Global Community to serve our Earth-Based Initiatives, to honor our ceremonies in our Sanctuary, and to inspire with our Global University through our Ministry and Educational programs. We continue, through the decades, to unite with people in many countries around the world  growing our prayer for the next seven generations!


We have a vision of life that honours the Sacredness and Unity of all Beings.
Our intention is to work in harmony with Nature to co-create a place of Beauty where the Earth and all Her worlds (plant, animal, mineral and human) are honoured and respected. Our Dream is to offer a sanctuary where people can be in communion with Nature and remember who they truly are; a place of healing, learning and transformation.

Organization of Nature Evolutionaries

The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries is a co-operative organization of teachers, practitioners, gardeners, earth stewards, spiritual activists, students and community members who have dedicated themselves to a renewal of kinship with Earth and all her beings. Our intention is to bring awareness to the wider world of the inherent need of all humans to be in deep relationship with plants and the natural world which is the source of our sustenance. This relationship is one of co-creative partnership where plants, trees, animals, water, air, land and all beings of nature have equal rights to thrive. We seek to receive guidance, make decisions and take action from the heart space with Love as our guiding force.

Sophia’s Garden

Sophia’s Garden & Healing Arts Center is a Demeter certified Biodynamic farm in Sebastopol, California, stwearded by Monique Camp. Sophia is the Greek word for Wisdom, used here in the sense of honoring the profound wisdom underlying nature and the cosmos. By honoring Sophia we adopt a holistic healing approach to our interaction with the environment – recognizing the value of the arts in supporting such an approach.
We offer classes and events to teach about practices of Biodynamic Agriculture as a path for healing the earth and ourselves. We also offer sacred music, movement and meditation classes in our Dome, herbal medicine making in the Apothecary, and movement and stargazing events in our Circle.

Withstand With Wolves

Withstand With Wolves is a collective of Water Protectors and Land Defenders dedicated to fighting for basic human rights, clean water and a healthy environment. In Native lore, the Wolf is the warrior that protects the tribe. A pack of Wolf Warriors has been at Standing Rock for months on end battling the Dakota Access Pipeline that threatens to poison the Missouri river and in doing so risking the main water supply of millions of people and animals. Along with thousands of fellow Water Protectors, we’ve been Withstanding the influence of multi-billion dollar corporations who put money before people, Withstanding police brutality, Withstanding racism and the government’s blatant disregard for our right to clean water. The Native people of this land have been Withstanding oppression for over 500 years. The Wolves are warriors. We are dedicated to fighting the atrocities that are being committed against our Earth and our people. We fight for a just world and a future free of fossil fuels. We offer a platform for Water Protectors, Land Defenders and Allies to inform and educate each other, to work together on real strategies and solutions to the injustices of colonization and corporate greed. We fight on the front lines, in courtrooms and on social media. WWW provides direct ground support in the battles against projects that will cause further destruction to Unci Maka, our Grandmother Earth. The resistance at Standing Rock has ignited a fire which will only spread, because the destruction of Sacred and Indigenous Land is and has been occurring all around the world for centuries. We are entering a dark time in history but We Will Withstand. Water Is Life. Join the pack.