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About Aldyn Richmond

Aldyn is a Clinical Herbalist and plant-spirit lover. She received her training at the Ohlone Center where she also completed a TCM Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis mentorship with William Morris. After a period of time spent teaching in South East Asia years back, the world of tea culture began to present itself to her and she found Camellia Sinensis in her various forms to be a guiding light. A world of tea has drawn her toward unraveling the mysteries of plants as healers within the framework of psyche and physiology. Her intention is to merge creative drive and the practical side that strives for sustainability. Sustaining body, spirit, and mind reflects how we are able to be vital within the elusive universe. Vitality allows us to recognize the miracle of each moment and meet it with everything we are. She currently has her own herbal tea line and practice. Learn more about Aldyn at

Minding the Heart

Ask someone what comes to mind when thinking of the heart and different ideas emerge like love, the heart symbol shape, the area of chest where it’s located and the color red or pink. But how often do we think … Continue reading

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