Birthing the Fifth World

We are living in extraordinary times, times of prophesy. According to the Hopi and some other First Nations, humanity is within the end of the Fourth World and the beginning of the Fifth World. To many of us, it feels like the world is ending, as the Fourth World is literally crumbling around us, as was prophesized. This is the death of the illusion of separation, the materialist paradigm, domination and control. As this World does its mighty death dance around us, we are simultaneously within the threshold of the emergence of a World characterized by the universal truths of love, peace and harmony. This is a time of great healing, even through the scariest traumas and tragedies—the tide cannot be held back, the healing is here and it’s available for all beings.

The Earth is already shifting into the vibratory frequency of the Fifth World, and each of us humans has the choice to align with her by choosing to walk the path of the heart, or remain within the illusion of fear and separation of the Fourth World as it crumbles. We find aspects of ourselves that are already ready, and aspects of ourselves that still cling to ancient wounding. The truth of love and beauty is available for all beings in all times, and the truth is more beautiful than we can even imagine.

As we are within this liminal threshold, those of us who straddle both worlds may also feel increasingly challenged on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Those born after about 1970 may feel especially sensitive to this, as we are the ones who have come specifically to assist in the transition—our brains are hardwired for it. We experience the vibratory dissonance of the Fourth World as very painful, and many of us have been programmed through our sensitivity and empathy to internalize these frequencies. The key now is to know that our time has come and we no longer need to hold on to the collective pain caused by perceived separation. We no longer need to carry the burdens of others who are also stuck in this pain. We now only need to breathe into the truth of love and know that this is the moment we have been waiting for.

There’s no need for huge life changes at this time unless there is karmic balancing that needs to take place, in which case the external changes will come, always bringing renewed strength and clarity regardless of the depth of the level of challenge they present. All changes can be engaged at the internal level, and the external will follow. As our own hearts and minds learn to release programming to be in judgment and fear, we go back each moment to the path of love and connection, and the choices we make will become easier and easier as we practice actively engaging in this truth.

Awakening the Heart

This is a simple task, though not an easy one. As we choose to open our hearts, we may find that there are wells of hurt there so deep that it feels nearly impossible to confront them, especially when processing through energies such as generational trauma, abandonment, abuse and addiction. Following the threads of uncomfortable emotions is key, and when we proceed accompanied by extreme bravery and self-compassion, we can let them lead us right to the core of the original wounding. The Fourth World paradigm rewards ego over humbleness and logical mind over heart. Hopi prophecies speak of a time when people must choose to remain on the “two-hearted path” (ruled by imbalance of the mental mind), or choose to take the “one-hearted path” towards the recollection and experience of oneness.

The Earth is not a victim. She and all Beings in her service are on an evolutionary path and nothing can derail that. She has powers of cleansing, clearing and healing that are far beyond what we can even begin to imagine. At this time, there’s an unprecedented effort on the parts of plants, animals and MANY types of etheric beings to come together and create rainbow bridges between the worlds to transport stuck energy and entities to the other side. Every aspect of Creation that’s currently held within a vibrational pattern of fear is surrounded by loving allies, ready to assist in this healing and transition when that being is ready.

Every time the level of planetary fear rises, we must rise to meet it with the powerful forces of peace and love. Our commitment to a path of peace will be tested at every turn. The Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock is the epicenter of the stand for life, for water, for rights of sovereignty in the face of oppression from forces on a destructive path of greed. As Chase Iron Eyes (a lawyer, activist and member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe who is running for congress) says, “Peace requires that we stand tall.” Now is the time to choose love by standing up for what we believe in and seeing love in others as well, for all paths lead to the same place.

Together We Rise

We are also in the time of the gathering of the Nations. It’s time for all humans around the medicine wheel, the white, yellow, red and black, to humble ourselves, make heartfelt reconciliation, listen to each other with openness, and let go of the stories that we have allowed to sew separation between us. Every person carries a spark in their heart. Although some flames burn very low, each of us carries a vital piece of the puzzle. We must learn to relate to each other beyond the masks we wear. We need to be vulnerable with each other. When we meet here, we spark each others’ flames—we activate and nourish each other for the work of creating a new world that lies ahead.

The Earth Advocate Apprenticeship, a yearlong program in Spiritual Activism and Earth Healing that takes place in Northern California, was created to facilitate this good work. Our next year’s program begins in June of 2017 (we hope to launch a distance learning program in 2018 so join our mailing list if you live far away.) If you feel inspired to join us, click here to learn more. How do you feel about the state of the planet and what’s helping you to cultivate peace in your own heart? Please share in the comments below. Solidarity to all!


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creator of the Earth Advocate Apprenticeship and creator and Editor in Chief of Satya Collective. Her Wise Women mentors include Pam Montgomery, Carolle Guyette, Rosemary Gladstar, Susan Hull Bostwick and Kami McBride. Before becoming a mama, Beth had a private practice as a healer and holistic health practitioner, and she has been leading workshops and facilitating healing for ten years. Her work is to build bridges across human communities, between humans and other life forms, and the seen and unseen. She can be found tromping through the woods with her twin boys, stepdaughter and husband in the wilds of Sonoma County, California.
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