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Exploring the Courageous Heart with Borage

Saturday, July 8, 10am-5pm
Center for Sacred Studies, 13550 Church Street, Guerneville
Tickets: $65-95, must be purchased in advance HERE

In challenging times, and perhaps now more than ever, the heart is an important guide. But what tools do we have to strengthen the heart muscle, create loving boundaries, and open to the depth of wisdom the heart provides?

The plants are tremendous teachers in this regard, and borage is known for helping us find the courage to speak our heart’s truth. In this daylong course, we’ll learn simple tools and techniques to connect directly with borage, as a direct relationship is the most empowering way to facilitate healing. We will seek to find out, as a group, what medicine borage offers for this time and place.

🐝 Experience heart coherence techniques
🌱 Discover the basic tenets of Earth Advocacy
🐝 Make a ceremonially prepared borage elixir to drink throughout the day
🌱 Learn how to make offerings to borage
🐝 Gain basic plant communication techniques
🌱 Journey to meet the Spirit of Borage
🐝 Make borage medicine together to take home
🌱 Participate in a guided breathwork session called “Greenbreath” where we get to breathe with Borage
🐝 Share our experiences and learn from others’ experiences

Within a ceremonial container, we will make and drink a borage elixir throughout the day. Students will have to the opportunity to be with borage in different ways, including prayer, art, meditation and journeying, and plant-human breath exchange in a holotropic breathwork called Greenbreath (created by Pam Montgomery).

Students will also learn the basic tenets of Earth Advocacy, which include right relationship, sacred reciprocity, social justice, and collective healing.

At the end of the day, we’ll share our experiences, learn what common threads there are and see what seeds of inspiration we can take into the world together.

This course is for people who already have a connection with borage, and those who are interested in creating a connection. It’s recommended for activists, herbalists, nature/plant lovers, spiritual/holistic practitioners and anyone with a curious and open mind.

Please bring a bag lunch and 1/2 pint mason jar to take medicine home in. Afternoon snack, borage elixir, art and medicine-making supplies will be provided.

Because we will be in a small, intimate space, we can only accept a limited number of participants. ADVANCE TICKETS ARE REQUIRED. A few tickets are available at a scholarship price, and we ask those who are able to pay at a higher tier. 10% of proceeds will be donated to an Indigenous-led non-profit start-up for a cultural center for members of unrecognized California tribes.

For questions, email Beth Steinmann or call at 510-684-8453.

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Past Events:

Equinox Redwood Initiation

September 24-25, 9am Saturday-7pm Sunday

Sophia’s Garden
4038 Green Valley School Road
Sebastopol, CA

Redwoods are the tallest, fastest growing, and some of the most ancient and longest living trees on Earth. They sustain vast ecosystems within their canopies and on the forest floor. Although only 5% of California’s coastal redwoods remain today, these trees are leading planetary evolution by anchoring a huge amount of light.

This Initiation is for those interested in receiving the Redwoods’ vast wisdom and working in tandem towards planetary evolution. Plant Dieting is an ancient shamanic technique for connecting with and honoring the plants that has been brought forawrd by Medicine Woman Carole Guyett. Within this tradition, seek to become initiated into the vibratory field of Redwood for personal and collective healing. We will abstain from food, drink a ceremonially prepared Redwood elixir at regular intervals, and enter a space of sacred communion. We’ll take part in various artistic exercises, meditations and journeys, both indoors and outdoors under the Redwoods, with the intent of opening gateways to other realms where true connection and transformation are possible.

This event is part of a global action during the 2016 Fall Equinox. There will be sister ceremonies in Canyon and Calaveras Big Trees State Park, as well as in Co. Clare Ireland (with Carole Guyett), where Redwoods are being introduced to the ecosystem and a planting ceremony will also take place.

Although we will fast, several simple items available to snack on for those who have a medical need. If you are unable to fast for medical reasons, please contact us to make special arrangements. We’ll sleep around the altar in the wonderful geodesic dome on the land.

Because of the in-depth nature of this work, experience with ritual/ceremony, plant spirit healing or similar modality, or working with altered states of consciousness is required.

Space is limited. Register before September 1: $110. Register after September 1, $125-$160 sliding scale.

Contact Beth Steinmann at or 510.684.8453.

Full Moon Wellness Workshop

April 22nd 6:30 – 8pm

The Center For Sacred Studies
13550 Church St., Guerneville

Asking donation of $15 – $30

Have you ever felt stuck, unable to get out of a rut, or like you just cannot boost yourself enough to make a leap toward your dreams? We all encounter blockages in our life, but how to do we become unblocked? Whether you believe in destiny, free will, or a mixture of both, choosing appropriate plants to work with can be tremendously helpful during life’s journey.

Join me at the Center for Sacred Studies for an enchanting evening on the Scorpio Full Moon of Friday, April 22nd

In this one and a half hour evening workshop, we will explore a few key plants whose ancient wisdom can help us to shine light on our authentic selves. I will touch on medicinal values of herbs and how this plays into subtle kharmic shifts.

We will explore and try different preparations of plants, including teas and flower essences, to enhance our connection to these plants. We will focus on a handful of plants that have been traditionally used to shift kharma with a short guided meditation. Being connected to plants helps us connect to ourselves; there are countless plants that can be helpful in various situations, and we will get to know a few gentle yet potent ones! By the end of the evening, we will have broadened the scope on what constitutes a kharmic healing herb and how plants can positively affect our interconnectivity.

We will be drinking tea, paper cups are provided, but feel free to bring your own cup.
Please come with questions, there will be a Q & A at the end

Let us know that you are coming:
Email Aldyn at or call Valerie at 707-604-7362 to RSVP

Visit for more info


Earth Advocate Apprenticeship: Becoming Ambassadors for the New Earth

Begins May, 2016 and meets ten weekends over a one year period

Sophia’s Garden
4038 Green Valley School Road
Sebastopol, CA

For exact dates, details and registration, visit

GalactivateYOU Contact Challenge

February 22 – March 22

A virtual group event, anyone can join at any time during the event.
For more info or to register, visit

Springtime Liver Care and Detox: Herbal and Energetic Strategies

Thursday, March 3, 7-8:30pm

Center for Sacred Studies
13550 Church Street, Guerneville

For more info or to register, contact Valerie at 707.604.7362 or email Aldyn at


Moving, Grounding, Clearing:
Tools for Replenishing our Life Force Energy

January 21, 2016, 1-4pm

Manzanita Wellness
2818 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

Facilitated by Denise Schwab, Shoshana Uribe, and Julia Katz. Learn and share practices to move, clear, ground, replenish, and protect our energy so that we can most effectively focus our creative life force energy and optimize our well being. We’ll explore and develop tools for understanding and healing our own spiritual energy system. Including meditation, visualization, somatic and movement practices, and plant spirit healing.

This workshop can be especially helpful for therapists, social workers, and bodyworkers, and anyone who feels they experience anxiety, stress, depression, and/or fatigue as a result of taking on other folks’ energies, and who would like to learn and share energy moving and protecting techniques, including movement, meditation, visualization, and more.

To register, contact or call (510) 459-9320 or visit