Prayer for My People

I come before you today
humbly, to ask your forgiveness

You see, my people are lost

My People! Those whom I love most dearly
have lost the way to love

My People! Great Seers and Visionaries
once found themselves in a time of growing struggle and strife

As the pain grew, they began to fear

In the darkness of their minds, they began to believe
they had done wrong

And in their wrongdoing, deserved judgement. They began to believe
they were not enough

This fear obscured their hearts’ truth, and, looking within, saw only darkness
and turning without, saw only the same reflected

And thus, they embarked on a path of great destruction, turning to every corner of
Earth and Sky
and lashing out in anger at that which reminded them of their own pain

Oh My People! My people! In your pain, you attempted to
stamp out cut down cut off burn down maim mangle rape kill and bury

That which gives and feeds life
wishing, blindly hoping this would ease your pain!

My People, having long since forgotten
the Ecstasy of Communion

In their isolation, began to feed on fear

know the story.

This is why I come before you today
humbly, with prayers for forgiveness in my heart

And with a message:

I am my people

Every seed of fear, misuse of power, act of hubris
exists within the fertile ground of this human body

And because of you, I am learning to love this body

Because the openness of your gentle heart has stirred a remembrance within me,

I come before you with a great request

Please, see me as you

See me as you and all our people as Sacred People
that we may face this sickness together, and that together, we may nurse this
sickness back to health

Because the people are worthy

we are worthy of an invitation back into the Holy Circle

We are worthy
of a return to greatness.

Oh, my people! You are loved! You are worthy of love! You are worthy of great beauty!

Come! Come and hear the sweet drumbeat and dance together!

Come and play and be among your relatives, in safety!

Come and draw near to the heart of the fire
with all your ancestors and children

My People, with proud and shining faces, I see you for your beauty and strength!
for your soft heart that beats the same color blood as mine
blue like an eternal, circular river

We are all stirred by the same emotions, so embrace me, dear ones

And in this embrace, remember that love has never really left us

Remember that love
is all there is.

About bsteinmann

creator of the Earth Advocate Apprenticeship and creator and Editor in Chief of Satya Collective. Her Wise Women mentors include Pam Montgomery, Carolle Guyette, Rosemary Gladstar, Susan Hull Bostwick and Kami McBride. Before becoming a mama, Beth had a private practice as a healer and holistic health practitioner, and she has been leading workshops and facilitating healing for ten years. Her work is to build bridges across human communities, between humans and other life forms, and the seen and unseen. She can be found tromping through the woods with her twin boys, stepdaughter and husband in the wilds of Sonoma County, California.
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2 Responses to Prayer for My People

  1. Dudley riggs says:

    Thank you Beth! Reading this beautiful expression of your soul, found me at a deep, excavating dark night; and emitted a powerful ray, pulling me home. This exquisite prayer, poem, synopsis of the human collectives condition, lights up such deep and powerful aspects of self. Our perceived separation, from all that we are roots all the suffering in creation, and this prayer serves as heal this pain on deep levels. We have a mutual friend, Richard P, I wanted to ask you permission to share this prayer with others, friends family, and clients. Thank you again, for you beautiful deep words. Peace and love, Dudley

    • bsteinmann says:

      Hi Dudley, I am very touched to hear about your experience – thank you so much for sharing it with me (and my apologies for the delayed response!). You are most welcome to share this, thanks for asking. I appreciate what I can gleam of your way of being from your brief comment, and send love and solidarity for your work in the world. In peace, Beth

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